My 22 years of experience, and well over 300 film and episodic television shows, videos and live programs have allowed me to work with, and for, many of the world’s finest directors, stuntmen, and actors. This has been my proven training ground.

In addition to a thorough knowledge of film direction, blocking, lenses, equipment, etc., I am very production-oriented and budget-conscious while providing well-known, established stunt personnel.

Utilizing my coordinating experience combined with my highly trained team of professionals, I am ready to address all of your action needs, at your convenience.  From horse work to  jet skis, snow stunts, Fire burns to high falls, cannon rolls, pipe ramps, aerial work (pilots available), wing walking, Monster trucks drivers, sky diving-HALO & HAHO, martial arts, SWAT experts, weapons advisors, boxing ,and military technical advisors.

Safety will never be compromised and the direction, photography, and action will be unsurpassed, spectacular, and exciting.  I have always applied these principals to feature film, television, videos, and live shows.  I accept any film challenge; also analyze and develop the personnel and equipment to put the action sequences on film.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my aspects of your upcoming production, either as your stunt coordinator, 2nd unit director, stunts, or stunt actor. Any one or all of the above mentioned, as I am completely dedicated to the hard work and excitement of film art.

I am confident that once I worked with you, you will be completely satisfied as to my abilities and that I will be called upon for your every production need and we may look forward to a long-term business relationship.